The Culmination of Capitalism

3am Pizza, by PizzaMind
4 min readAug 11, 2021


Our Masters’ Henchmen

Capitalism is the ultimate game of chess and patience, inevitably transferring wealth to the smartest and wealthiest people and organizations who can weather and withstand all storms… including the ones by their own creation.

At some point though, there is nothing left to gain. The banking cartel, pharmaceutical giants, and the “intelligence community” (aka legal human experimentation committee) have finally reached the edge of the table. There is nothing else to conquer here.

That’s why Jeff Bezos and other billionaires are headed to space. It’s not because Earth is at risk for climate change; they can invent weather for those they want to have it (see Dubai cloud seeding). There is simply not much left here to pioneer. Bill Gates already is the largest land-owner in the US. The majority of the wealth of the world is completely outside the system, locked up in private member associations that are also outside the reach of laws and follow their own codes and rules.

So if you were in their $10,000 designer shoes, what do you do when there’s no more upside? When you’ve won so much, it’s not a challenge anymore.

Business leaders are a lot like professional athletes. Obsessive, methodical in their habits, and completely addicted to achievement. Like Michael Jordan leaving basketball to try his hand at baseball, we’re seeing the powers that run the world capitulating to their own game, saying “this isn’t fun anymore.”

So why not blow it all up and start again? Knock down the lego tower and build something new. Enter, “The Great Reset”.

The Great Reset, as coined by Klaus Schwab, director of the World Economic Forum, ushers in an attempt at finally making communism work… but this time, on a global scale. Uprisings can be handled by robot dogs and drones. Every move you make, tracked by street camera and your own phone’s GPS. Every word you speak, listened to, analyzed, processed, and even responded to, by devices you yourself paid for and put in your home of your own free will.

On the surface, it is a somewhat sexy proposal, not to have to work unless you want to train to be an expert. Many would happily choose to live a life of video games and Netflix, never having to “become an adult” and work a meaningless job that devours their soul, for a wage that will never let them escape poverty. It is measured that over 9% of the world’s population lives in extreme poverty… but that metric ties “poverty” to making less than $1.90 a day. How carefully they craft the stats and “facts” to make things seem better than they are. Half the world or more could not survive making less than $5 per hour, if they wanted clean water, healthy food, and a permanent shelter.

Let’s not even discuss health care in the US, the 3rd most populated country in the world, where health insurance that costs more than $1,000 a month, more than an apartment’s rent, still does not cover one’s entire bill.

So given the grave state of affairs, a sweeping reform that pledges to take care of everything and wipes out the worst parts of the old system, it might be pretty convincing to a lot of people.

Historically, convincing people to buy into this worked really well… in Germany… in the 1930s.

We saw how that went.

While plenty of sheeple will fall prey to anything put before them, there are more people hip to the bullshit that will fight to the death to prevent Hitler’s dream from being realized a century later. Hash tags and peaceful marches do not invoke change. It took world war. At the end of the day, physical force is the only thing that accomplishes a goal. But sane, rational human beings do not want to stoop into the dark places required to meet those who dwell there full time, and consistently snuff out doctors, scientists, and dissidents whose ideas would bring new light and prosperity for every one, but at the cost of power and control of those who have it.

Instead, we have one hope left. Well, Christians might hope for the rapture also, but what I am referring to is crypto and blockchain. If that ecosystem can thrive enough and allow the good citizens of the world to “opt out”, there are only so many laws they can pass, only so many crypto pioneers they can epstein, and only so much bogus scary news propaganda they can publish.

Rest in peace, Satoshi, McAfee, FluffyPony.

How can we fight back? Give them something else to achieve. Let them screw around in space, or give Charlie Munger a guitar, or get George Soros to join a senior ice hockey league. Give the spoiled rich kids some structure so they stop flying ants under a magnifying class. Give the spoiled rich adults a challenge so they stop making snuff films for fun. Give the powerful old guys something of greater value than world war and population reducing bioweapons.

I can’t wrap my mind around theirs, and what would give them stimulation and a sense of accomplishment after a century of domination, rape/murder/genocide/trafficking/pollution/and the professional debate teams that make up our politicians. Quick tangent… Senator Ted Cruz recently asked why they were not consulting experts before drafting a bill, seemingly forgetting that their job description isn’t to make the best decision; it’s to make the decision their donors want them to make. Come on, man… we all know that.

In closing, bored people do foolish things, especially when they face no consequences. Get this dialogue going and trending on Twitter and maybe we can collectively come up with something that works, that doesn’t result in the slavery of all remaining mankind. And hurry, before the “no-buy” list era begins.



3am Pizza, by PizzaMind

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