End of Year Reflections

3am Pizza, by PizzaMind
1 min readDec 25, 2022

New Years’ Resolutions are overrated, but End of Year Reflections are where it’s at! There’s been so much that has happened this year. Broken dreams; new opportunities. Great ideas; failed execution. A hurting heart; finding new inspiration. Living alone, visiting 4 continents.

Lessons Learned:

  • Just showing up and being authentic is like 80% of the formula to success. The other 20% is following up like a shark and then doing what you say you’re gonna do.
  • Grade on a curve: You can’t be 1000% up, when all other experts are down 70%.
  • Life/Wealth Building Stage dictates strategy. Wealth building = microcaps. Keeping wealth = liquid coins with lower upside but easier exits.
  • Fuck what anybody else thinks, including your partners, lovers, family. Do what makes you want to keep living.
  • Let pain harden you.
  • I adore coincidences, and meeting people 9,000 miles away from completely different cultures, all sharing and building the same unspoken vision for the future. What don’t we know about the intrinsic side of the human existence yet that really ties us all together as one?
  • Making an impact is a far greater feeling of success than making a profit. Invest in those building the world you want to live in, not just who you think will make you rich.
  • Your gut always knows the truth, even if your head can’t handle it. Let it take over sometimes.

What about you?



3am Pizza, by PizzaMind

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